Daniel Esbensen

Co-founder and CTO

Mr. Daniel Esbensen is the President of Touch Technologies, Inc. a high-tech company that he co-founded in 1982. He is an inventor and well-known for his highly scalable software solutions to complex problems. Some of the technologies used by the FBI, CIA, and NSA for national and international security are based on his patents. Daniel is also a co-founder of the California Health Medical Reserve Corps.

Douglas Makepeace

Co-founder and CEO

Mr. Douglas Makepeace is the CEO and co-founder of LEARN!  He is responsible for coordinating the team at LEARN!.

He has been thinking intently about learning since his first year of school, over 60 years ago.  Teachers clearly needed some way to let children learn at their own speed.  In 2014, he moved to Silicon Valley, where leaders like Khan Academy, Coursera, and Udacity are located.  He lives near Stanford.

Mr. Makepeace worked directly with Sir John Templeton, the famous investor and philanthropist, on his personal investments in hedge funds, for over 15 years.  Mr. Makepeace allocated capital to many global traders who used artificial intelligence, starting in 1989.  He traveled widely to emerging countries, starting in 1991.  These included China, India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey and Egypt.

Here's more info on his Linkedin page:

Sarma, Anurupa.jpg

Robert Levin


Mr. Robert Levin is an author, entrepreneur, and thought leader in emerging technologies. He is the Managing Director of Emerging Star Capital, LLC, an investment advisor, and CEO of Transclick, Inc., a Technology Pioneer member of the World Economic Forum with over 12 million digital clients in 190 countries, including over 1 million mobile app clients in India. His company, Transclick, has won several awards for innovation including the Edison Gold Awards, the Always On Global 250 Award & the Top 100 Mobile Award.


Anurupa Sarma

Product Advisor, South Asia

Ms. Anurupa Sarma is an Engineering leader at Intel. She is a passionate technologist with a track record of solving complex business problems with elegant technical solutions. She has an entrepreneurial drive, and the ability to achieve stretch goals in an innovative environment.

She is deeply committed to the cause of education and believes that every child deserves an equal opportunity for a good education. She thinks that technology advancement should be used for the betterment of society, and for educating children. Most of the world's internet content is created in English. Therefore, every child must be able to read English well. Being a firm believer in self-paced learning, she feels the "Thor" reading lessons could fulfill her dream of a literate world.