A new way to learn, on mobile. Thor will teach anyone to read English.

How does Thor work? 

A classic American voice asks the learner to tap the letters of a short sentence.

The words are shown and the learner taps the screen. Then, the learner must remember missing words, before tapping.

Over time, the learner will recognize the letters instantly. 

See this in a three minute video.

Thor costs $1.50 to $10 per year. 

Classroom lessons cost much more.  And our app works on any Android phone or tablet.

A billion people are learning English today. On average they spend over $100 per year.

Thor focuses on reading, the hardest skill to learn — and  the most important. 

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The Berkley Haas School of Business honored LearnOnMobile, for our Thor English lessons.


“Only three Start-up Disruption Awards were given.  LearnOnMobile is the only one that won the award for education.” said Douglas Makepeace, CEO.  “We are inspired to work even harder now!”

Learning to speak is easy.  99% of children learn words, and meaning, and talking, by age 3. 

Learning to read is hard.

- 35 million Americans cannot read English.

- 70% of children in poor areas of America fail to read well enough. 

- 500 million Indians cannot read English, their only national language.

Why?  Learning to recognize letters is hard!

Can you read this? 

. -  -- . - - .  . - . . - - . (It's Morse code.) Or this?    一個人跑了 。(Those are Chinese characters.) 

Here it is in English: "A man ran.

Thor teaches this sentence in four ways, in ten minutes.  There are 200 such lessons per school year, for seven years.

Does Thor work?  In three different classes, first and second grade students used the Thor reading lessons.

In just one school year, students' reading scores went from the 60th to the 90th percentile.

A 50% gain is highly significant.

Please note that Thor works best on Android.

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