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Why education is even more important than you think

Only education can permanently improve people's thinking.  Only people can improve society.

Forbes showed that if we invest money in education, the expected payoff will be 40 times the investment!  Educating people will repay us much more than any other sector that we can invest in!


Why reading English is so valuable, to people everywhere

Reading is the most important skill.  Every subject is easier for those who read well.  Reading widely adds perspective and understanding.

With technology, today almost everyone can read almost anything, any time, on mobile.  But they have to read English.  Other languages have almost 90% fewer pages on the Internet, or even less.

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Why learning to read English can be terribly hard

Children need to read at 120 words per minute by second grade, in order to keep up.  That's two words per second.  But each word has five letters, on average.  This means that a reader must figure out ten letters per second! Then one must immediately decode another ten letters in the next second, over and over.  This need to constantly decode the letters, quickly, creates the problem.

How our daily interactive lessons teach K-6 reading

Repetition, self-pacing, and mastery learning all work to make the Thor system successful. 

The barrier to reading is that letters are a code.  One must decode them instantly, one after another, quickly enough to read.  This needs a huge amount of practice.


Kindly note that the app for the Thor reading lessons is currently for Android devices only.  Please Use access code - website2 - for your free trial.