Thor costs much less than conventional teaching.


Current price, per person, per year:

Individual learner, $10 per year — or $1 per month

Teachers, $3 per year — or 30 cents per month

Groups over 10,000 — $4 per year

Groups over 100,000 — $2.50 per year

Groups over 1,000,000 — $1.50 per year

In summary

Reading is the most important of all skills.  Writing is improved by reading.  Studying math involves reading as well.  Even self-esteem is affected.  And persistence is required for learning almost everything!

Yet reading is the most difficult of the basic skills.  There are 26 symbols in the English alphabet.  Worse, they can have over 40 different sounds.  And still worse, the sounds depend on which letters come before or after each letter.

So reading is both the most important skill to learn - and the most difficult to teach!

The interactive Thor reading steps, on smartphones and tablets and computers, will help people everywhere to read English.  We are working to help a billion people read much better, at a fraction of the expense required for normal classroom teaching.

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