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With technology, today almost everyone can read almost anything, any time, on mobile.  But they have to read English.  Other languages have almost 90% fewer pages on the Internet, or even less.  More education is taking place on the internet every year.


All over the world, 99% of children speak well.  They have no problem with conversation or comprehension or vocabulary.

So why are 35 million Americans illiterate?  Why can’t 500 million Indians read English well, their only national language?  Why can’t 70% of children, in poor areas of cities like New York and East Palo Alto, read as well as they need to, in order to keep up? 

Well, can you read this sentence:  . -  -- . - - .  . - . . - - .

Or this one?        一個人跑了.

The letters of the alphabet are like this Morse code, or these Chinese characters.  This sentence will be easy for you now:  A man ran.

Now, children need to read at 120 words per minute by second grade, in order to keep up.  That's two words per second. 

But each word has five letters, on average.  This means that a reader must figure out ten letters per second!

Our system was used to teach better reading skills to more than 100 first and second grade students, during three different school years.  In the beginning of the school years, the average median score was below the 60th percentile. 

Their reading improved greatly, using Thor for less than two hours per week.  At the end of the school years, their median score was almost at the 90th percentile.

Even a 20% gain is considered a satisfactory result.  Their 60% average gain is highly significant.

In the future, we plan to combine our Thor reading lessons, plus interactive writing and math lessons, in a single app.  Then anyone, anywhere will be able to get a basic education - for less than $9 a year!

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